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Okamizu Food Detoxifier V.2
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Food Detoxifier Uniqueness and Strength
Other technologies:-
The most conventional technology by using hot spark and high current tends to produce high concentration of ozone. There is a risk of producing harmful gasses and food nutrients might be lost. This technology may be more suitable for commercial and industrial uses where monitoring is needed.
Another technology using ultra-violet where the chamber has a lifespan resulting in high yearly maintenance cost. Furthermore, the ozone concentration will diminish over time.
Our Technology:
The proprietary Okamizu Process is an innovation based on Japanese technology combining plasma ion generationand ozonization(a proprietary hybrid process of cold plasma and corona discharge).We are the first & only using this technology with stainless steel casing nd quality component parts  to ensure durability and consistency in performance.
Summary of our strength
Okamizu Process
Consistency-not too high & not too low
No harmful by products-Nox
Most of the Nutrients remain
Consistent performance
Solid & durable Physical
Stainless Steel casing
Medical-grade silicon tube
Reliable After sales Service and Support
Supported by 30-year old public listed manufacturer &reputable chain stores
Low maintenance
No compulsory replacement like UV.
Yearly after sales service to ensure optimum performance
All Replacement parts available

Note: It is advisable not to use plastics in certain parts of the machine because some may have reactions with ozone. (Eg the tube, chamber, container, etc.)


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