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What is ozone(O3)
Ozone (O3) consist of 3 oxygen atoms, also being called as “super oxygen. It’s a colourless gas, unstable & reactive form of oxygen molecule.

Ozone is very effective & known as
1) an oxidizer towards bacteria, viruses, mold & fungus
2) a decomposer for various type of organic chemicals
Facts About Ozone
  Ozone (O3)
consists of 3 oxygen atoms - is a colourless gas, unstable and reactive form of oxygen
occurs commonly in nature (mountains and waterfalls)
  Ozone very effectively
oxidizes and eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold & fungus
decomposes organic compounds e.g. pesticides, antibiotics, etc.
  Ozone is currently used in many industries
water treatment
medical industry
food storage
food preservation
food processing
bottle water
HVAC system
indoor air treatment
water treatment
  Global Trends on Ozone
Thousands of ozone water treatment plants used worldwide
Los Angeles has one of the largest ozone plant for drinking water
US FDA approved ozone as an additive to kill food-borne pathogens
Commonwealth swimming pools including Bukit Jalil uses ozone
Fortune 500 companies use ozone extensively in food industry
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